5 Common Errors To Prevent When Picking Your Wedding Suit

When most people hear the word suit, their minds are automatically going to jump towards a traditional black suit, however, there are many more colors associated with men’s suits. Whether someone is looking to buy or rent a suit for a special occasion makes little difference — every man should know what the color of their chosen suit is going to say about them. When looking for suit rentals in Los Angeles, it can be beneficial to know what message one is trying to convey, as this can affect the color of the suit that is chosen. The following are the top 4 colored suits and what they say about a man’s personality.

The Tan Suit

Most women would agree that a man in a tan suit seems a lot more approachable than a man in any other colored suit. This is because the color tan makes people feel comfortable and at ease, thus creating a very neutral and inviting appearance. Tan suits can be worn at the office or during any daytime event, but since it is most commonly associated with casualness, it isn’t the best choice for a fancy night time event.

The Black Suit

The black suit is the most common one of all, but has managed to stay in style for generations. Most men are prone to choosing a black suit to wear at an event or celebration, as it is always a safe bet. What wearing a black suit says about a man is that they are Source traditional and do not like to attract too much attention to themselves.

The Navy Suit

Every man should have a fitted navy suit in their wardrobe. This is because navy suits never go out of style and always exude an air of class and respect. The color navy has always been associated with wealth and high-stature, which is why men who choose to wear navy suits are often seen as sophisticated and high-maintenance. However, navy suits can also be very versatile should they be paired up with the right type of shoes, belt, and button up.

The Gray Suit

When people see a man in a gray suit walking down the street, they are usually prone to associating him with a business-like field. Wearing gray clothing is very modern and professional, which is why it has become a much-loved color in the field of business. Gray suits are extremely versatile, and this has to do with the darkness of gray that is chosen. Typically, the darker the gray, the more professional it is going to appear. While the lighter it is, the more casual the wearer can become.

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